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Wildwoods® Manufacturing

Handcrafted, Rustic Character

Wildwoods® Manufacturing, nestled in the heart of the Northern Wisconsin woodlands, takes exquisite and diligent handcrafted woodwork to the next level. With an innovative combination of traditional methods, modern technology and dedicated, talented people, Wildwoods® creates custom pieces of rustic furniture that boast quality and character. Wildwoods® specializes in Urban Rustic, Lodge Living and the cabin lifestyle, while offering pieces for every room: living room, bedroom, dining room, entertainment and occasional.

One-of-a-Kind Woodwork

The furniture from Wildwoods® is nothing like what you will find anywhere else. Each piece of furniture retains the unique characteristics of the original, raw wood. The woodworkers at Wildwoods® carefully study each piece they work on, ensuring an end product that exceeds standards of quality.

Locally Sourced Timber

The entire manufacturing process, from standing tree to finished product, happens right in the heart of the United states, which just happens to be Wildwoods’® backyard. No outsourcing, no importing. Each beautiful dining table, cabinet or bed is solid American wood made from talented American hands.

Wildwoods® Product is shown only at Conlin's Alexandria location.

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