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These pieces are only available in our store. Please contact us and visit our store to see the product in person.

Alu-mont at Conlin's Furniture

Alu-mont Outdoor Furniture

We have installed quality oriented manufacturing systems that insure a quality product every step of the way. Alu-mont will continue to concern
itself with product excellence. We are dedicated to serving the customer who wants
quality, style and value.

The frame begins an integrated 8-step finishing process. After the frame has been
washed and rinsed twice, an aluminum sealant is applied. Frames run through the
oven to dry. Frames enter the powder coating booth and are coated with “powder”
on both sides as it moves on a conveyor towards the oven. Each frame spends 20
minutes in a 400°F oven. When it leaves the oven, the finish is cured. Once cooled,
work on the frame can be completed.

Only the finest outdoor fabrics with weather and fade resistant yarns are offered at
Alu-mont. All cushions and slings used are manufactured at our facility. Our Cushions
use 100% polyester filling insuring you years of use and minimal care requirements.
Only virgin polyvinyl chloride extruded strapping or lace with UV and anti-fungal
inhibitors are used. Applied under heat, straps are riveted and double wrapped to
stay in place. Each piece is then completely wrapped to protect the new furniture
for shipping.
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